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Cost Cents Makes Sense

The Package:

The sales price of each story is 40 points, which equals 40 cents. The reason the price is listed in points is so that we can offer readers a package with three different purchase options:

Option A
120 points = $1.20 which buys you three stories (3 x $0.40 each). This is the basic and minimum package you can buy. It means that if you see one story you wish to purchase when you come to our site for the first time, you end up buying 120 points; you spend 40 of those points on the first story you are buying, leaving 80 points which you can use to purchase two more stories at any time in the future. There is no expiry date on points. We require a minimum purchase of $1.20 (120 points) to help amortize the static part of our PayPal fee which is the same whether PayPal processes a 40 cent payment, a $1.20 payment or a $10 payment. Also, purchasing 120 points at a time means that you, the reader, won’t have to go to the PayPal site each and every time you wish to purchase a story because you’ll have points in your account for up to three purchases.

Option B
520 points = $5.20 which buys you 13 stories (13 stories x $0.40 = $5.20) plus one bonus story, meaning you get 14 stories.

Option C
1000 points = $10 which buys you 25 stories (25 stories x $0.40 = $10) plus three bonus stories, meaning you get 28 stories.

Our recommendation:
We suggest that Option A (3 stories for $1.20 = 120 points) makes sense for most readers as you get to know our site and as we add more feature stories for you to choose from in the coming months. As mentioned previously, there is no expiry date on points. In the future, when our site has a larger story selection and if you find yourself buying more than three stories per month, perhaps Option B or Option C might make more sense in terms of your having to return less often to PayPal to purchase points and in terms of your receiving bonus stories.

Nota Bene: As a reader, you should be aware that any bonus stories offered to you by on the volume purchase of points (Options B and C above) does not reduce the royalties earned by our freelance contributors. They will continue to receive their full royalty payments, which work out to 10 cents per story sale.

The Promise:

  • Quality, long-form journalism, meaning well-written stories not previously published and ranging between 1,500 words and 15,000+ words. Multiple photos and graphics accompany each story.
  • All story subjects are chosen by the freelance journalists themselves; not assigned by, meaning a rich variety of original articles as selected by working journalists on the front lines.
  • Due to the fact that it is totally the decision of journalists as to if or when they write for, we have no set publishing schedule. We simply post the stories online once they’ve been submitted and edited by Warren Perley. Hence, we sell stories individually on a one-by-one basis to individual readers. There are no subscriptions.
  • Each freelance writer maintains copyright and moral rights over her/his article.
  • Freelance contributors living in Canada are paid monthly royalties in Canadian currency via PayPal which they earn on individual story sales. Journalists living outside Canada are paid their monthly royalties in U.S. currency via PayPal.
  • Journalists writing for will have Usernames and Passwords to track their story sales by date and geographic region.
  • When readers buy a story, they keep it in their personal Reader’s Lounge on the website, where they are able to read it and re-read it. If there is an update to the story (as opposed to an entire new story), the readers who already bought it receive the update free in their personal Reader’s Lounge.
  • Digital Locks have been implemented to discourage the copying or redistribution of stories on our site which would be a violation of the freelance journalists’ copyright.
  • No advertising will be solicited or accepted for our site.
  • No videos are accepted on our site, which is strictly reserved for long-form feature journalism.
  • has no affiliations to government, political parties, big business, unions or religious organizations.