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Privacy Policy

Effective as of May 25, 2018
  1. In harmony with our status as Canada’s first and only ad-free, long-form journalism site dedicated to high-quality, original journalism and absolute respect for our readers’ privacy, we do not track visitors to the public area of our site, which means we don’t use cookies.
  2. Based in Montreal, Inc. is the legal entity which owns the website and is responsible for its content. Any questions pertaining to content or Privacy Policy can be addressed to Editor Warren Perley at
  3. Due to the fact that some of our stories are behind a paywall where they are available to be purchased for 40 cents each, we are obliged to maintain a database with personal details of those readers who have opted to purchase our stories from behind our paywall – in order that they can access those stories at any time using a Username and Password of their choosing.
  4. The full names, physical addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses of those readers who have registered to buy stories from behind our paywall is stored in our encrypted online database in Canada. Those names are never used for marketing purposes or shared with Third Parties. They are used strictly to allow readers to access the stories they have purchased from us.
  5. Every time readers access a story they have purchased, uses a PHP token to keep track of the readers’ sessions when they are signed in behind the paywall. The PHP token does not contain any personal information; it has only a long, unique number which anonymously identifies the readers and which is expunged the moment the readers log out of the paid section of our website.
  6. When readers purchase stories from the site, their payments are processed by PayPal, which stores details of the transactions on their secure site. does not have access to, or store, the financial data of our readers –specifically their credit card numbers; only PayPal stores those credit card numbers.
  7. PayPal’s Privacy Policy can be viewed at:
  8. PayPal’s Security Measures can be viewed at:
  9. The website includes links to Third Party websites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ – in case our readers wish to share information about any of our stories with friends and colleagues. We do not control those Third Party websites and are not responsible for their Privacy Policy. As a matter of practice, it is always best for readers to check the Privacy Policy of all websites they visit.