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Trust & Security

Trust and security are rare values on the Internet, where identities are often masked and rumours spread like wildfire. In contrast, represents old-fashioned values based on honesty and respect. We are committed to open and transparent business practices:

  • Our writers are professionals with proven credentials. All their stories are edited rigorously before being posted online by Warren Perley, the Montreal-based editor of Warren has an extensive background as a professional journalist with major media organizations.
  • Each freelance journalist must present her/his bona fides to Warren before being accepted as a writer for and each contributor must commit to an agreement to research her/his stories diligently and to write original material.
  • When readers register with to buy articles, all their confidential information is protected by a Premium SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate, the highest level of encryption security available online.
  • Information about readers is kept confidential and is never used for marketing purposes. We require readers’ names and addresses for purposes of knowing which sales taxes to apply on story sales to readers living in Canada. (Revenue Canada does not require sales tax to be charged on stories sold to people living outside Canada.)
  • When readers click to pay for their stories, they are taken directly to the secure website of PayPal where the financial data is processed by what is the largest online payment system in the world with more than 143 million active users in 193 countries, which accounts for more than $180 billion worth of transactions in 26 currencies. All financial data, such as your credit card information, is stored by PayPal. The only data kept by is your home address and contact information for purposes of registering you as a reader and knowing what, if any, sales tax must be added to the price of a story. Having your home address in our encrypted database also allows our writers to track their story sales geographically by province, state or country, which could help them in their selection of subject matter for future stories. However, our writers do not know the names of the readers who purchase their stories.
  • If you are a reader who has bought a story, you are entitled to send a Comment to the Editor with the objective of having your point of view posted on the website directly below the article you are commenting about. However, letter writers must list their names and cities to show their willingness to stand behind what they say in their letters. We won’t accept pseudonyms or aliases which allow some web users to make irresponsible and inaccurate comments without being held accountable. If you have a comment you wish to make public through, please be prepared to put your name behind it. If you don't wish your comment to be posted on our site, please specify the private option on the form.
  • Editor Warren Perley has the right to edit all letters from readers for length and content while respecting the intent of the letter writer.
  • has implemented Digital Locks in an effort to protect writers’ articles from being copied or re-transmitted in any form. The writers own copyright and moral rights to all articles appearing on and, as such, we ask readers to respect those intellectual property rights.
  • Details concerning the obligations and responsibilities between and its readers can be found in Terms of Use.